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All legal form -with the exception of a petty trade which is not entered and the civil-law partnership (GbR)- must be entered into the Register of Commerce of Germany / Company Register. It is kept at Local Courts in Germany and serves legal security in business dealings, as all factual and legal situations are completely and reliably proven here. The legal relationships of a company are notified for entry in the Register of Commerce via a public notar, examined by the register court, taken on in the Register of Commerce to disclose the essential details on the legal status of companies.

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the latest printout: 2 h / 29 EUR*
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chronological printout - express delivery: 5-30 min / 39 EUR*

chronological + historic printout: 2 h / 39 EUR*
chronological + historic printout - express delivery: 5-30 min / 49 EUR*

list of shareholders: ab 2 h. (if present) / 29 EUR*
list of shareholders - express delivery: 5-30 min. / 39 EUR*

*All Prices are inkludes VAT (19%)

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By pressing the button "send - liable to pay", you continue the request. Our invoice you will get in the next hours via email. Please notice that you have always to pay in advance (via Paypal). After having received your payment, we will start the research of the person in question immediately. Thank you for your understanding. Please send us an email when you have any question.

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